MaxDuplication Offers an Affordable and Flawless CD Duplication, Replication and Printing Service

MaxDuplication, a premier CD duplication company, offers a wide range of CD duplication and printing services to its clients -with the fastest turn-around time in the industry and the highest quality standards an easy-to-use online storefront is known to maintain.

The CD copying service offered by MaxDuplication is like none other. Their CD duplication service can cater to personal and commercial use - for smaller print run-ups of up to 500 discs. The CD replication service is the most appropriate for larger orders of 1000 discs or more. Both services are offered at attractive prices-- with special discounts for bulk orders.

MaxDuplication also offers high quality full-color offset lithographic or silk screen printing, that’s done directly on top of the CD or DVD as well as on the label, making the discs look professional and suitable for commercial use. The company also deals in in-house designing services with a view to designing the artwork for printing and labeling - from the ground up. Except that, both- separate printing service on already existing CD-ROMs is also available with the company.

The cherry on the top is the unbeatable packaging service, offered in a wide range of choices, which leaves no chances for complaints. Thriving on top-of-the-line services along with a quick delivery time, MaxDuplication remains the top choice for all the big brands.

High Profile Security Solutions to Business Clients

Headquartered in Israel with several strategic partners from around the world, Abir Global Security Services offers top-of-the-line security solutions, leading the way in creating secure environment for businesses and corporations.

Abir-INV was established by Yanir Melech in 1995 and since then, it has been offering creative and unique security solutions - customized and tailor made according to the client’s needs and requirements. Their security solutions enable optimal results without interfering with any business activity of the client.

Apart from high profile security systems, Abir Global Security Services also offers security consultation to leading manufacturers and corporations in Israel, and private investigation services: the company is one of the leading Polygraph Institutes in Israel, performing a range of tests for business and private clients.

Abir Global Security Services employs highly trained and qualified security professionals with operational experience in the field. They have a very strict policy of staying abreast with latest innovations in the security field - in order to provide the best possible service to clients.

Offering high quality and reliable service to clients twenty four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year, Abir Global Security Services has definitely no match in the industry.

Discover New Models of Tripods uncovers new models of tripods, while offering extensive reviews on each available model - to make buying camera tripod a breeze for everyone. With online shopping getting popular, camera tripods are no longer hard to buy. While prices have declined steadily, new models with improved features have been launched, making these units a must-have kit for photographers across the board.

Stability For Shaky Hands

A camera tripod offers better stability for shaky hands and prevents blurred images; the unit also has many other useful features to its name. By eliminating the movement when a button is pressed, a camera tripod helps a photographer in making use of a slow shutter speed that can blur the motion of objects mooching around.

By offering support to the camera, it also allows for more room for the photographer to examine the foreground, establish the best shot angel and communicate with the subject.

Physical Relief

It also offers physical relief to the photographer by not requiring him to hold onto the camera throughout the day--- or through the entire duration of the event being shot.

New and improved models of tripods are sturdy and strong, weighing almost next to nothing; these units are also easy to carry around. Add to that, affordable pricing, thanks to online retailers like, and one has all the reasons in the world to get a camera tripod.

Arava Takes Pet Grooming To a Whole New Level

Pet grooming is something that most people consider as a daily chore. However, after 10 years of research on the most powerful botanical ingredients, the Arava Dead Sea Pet Spa products take pet grooming to a whole new level.

With Arava, a pet shampoo is no longer just a product that makes a dog smell like marshmallows - literally; it is something that makes a difference to the pet’s life. Arava has lavished their pet grooming supplies with Dead Sea minerals, which are unique in the beneficial properties, as well as other natural goodness they offer. 100% free from hazardous and harmful chemicals, Arava pet grooming supplies help put everything back into the pet’s skin that rigors of everyday life take away.

Plant Extracts

With an unmatched concentration and composition of plant extracts and oils, that have been skillfully combined and enriched to create a marvel, Arava pet grooming supplies not only cleanse immaculately, but also help prevent flea and tick infestation, thus providing for a total care solution to the pet.

To top things off, Arava infuses an intoxicatingly fresh fragrance into their pet grooming supplies, making the products one-of-a-kind, unlike any other in the market.