Arava Takes Pet Grooming To a Whole New Level

Pet grooming is something that most people consider as a daily chore. However, after 10 years of research on the most powerful botanical ingredients, the Arava Dead Sea Pet Spa products take pet grooming to a whole new level.

With Arava, a pet shampoo is no longer just a product that makes a dog smell like marshmallows - literally; it is something that makes a difference to the pet’s life. Arava has lavished their pet grooming supplies with Dead Sea minerals, which are unique in the beneficial properties, as well as other natural goodness they offer. 100% free from hazardous and harmful chemicals, Arava pet grooming supplies help put everything back into the pet’s skin that rigors of everyday life take away.

Plant Extracts

With an unmatched concentration and composition of plant extracts and oils, that have been skillfully combined and enriched to create a marvel, Arava pet grooming supplies not only cleanse immaculately, but also help prevent flea and tick infestation, thus providing for a total care solution to the pet.

To top things off, Arava infuses an intoxicatingly fresh fragrance into their pet grooming supplies, making the products one-of-a-kind, unlike any other in the market.